¿Restaurant Software?

Restaurant software is a management program for all areas of catering facilities. Simplify and collaborate with the different tasks that occur in the day to day in the business.

There are currently 2 types of restaurant software: customized and standardized format. The former can be adjusted to the specific needs of a food place. While standardized programs are non-customized systems but can meet most of the needs of a restaurant.

What basic features should a good restaurant program must bring together?

The main features should include functions such as billing, CRM, stocks and inventory, and reporting and analysis.

TOP 10 Restaurant Software

Not all restaurant software solutions are the same. At first glance, it may seem that the natural choice should be the best-selling on the market, however, each restaurant has its requirements and peculiarities. Here are 10 of the most widely used programs in the catering sector.


This modern restaurant software offers a global solution, scalable and adapted to your business. FrontRest covers all restaurant needs, improves efficiency, optimizes resources and increases company profits.

With FrontRest you design different rooms of your establishment. It allows visual control of the occupancy of the tables, you can join them, divide them, change them …

It is a software created to make your restaurant work quickly, saving time and resources. That’s why it optimizes sales operations. In FrontRest the waiter will be able to make the orders more flexible with special requests from the client (no salt, little-made steak, very done).

Other features: manage invoices and collections in cash or card, control the warehouse, make scandals, record reservations and orders online, contribute to customer loyalty.

Simplygest Hospitality

This software for restaurants and hospitality in general, brings together in a single package all the functionalities specifically designed for the sector. It’s modular, so you only install the modules you need and pay for them. Plus, it’s scalable, so you can add features as you need.

Simplygest integrates the tools of such a program. It allows to design the living room and locate tables and chairs, also manages orders at home, with the possibility of connecting to balances. With regard to the reservation of tables keeps visible and up-to-date information about occupied and free places.

A very important function: generate reports on the different aspects of the business, so that you have the information instantly.


Hosteltouch has been recognized with the innovation, quality and support award to the 2019 sector by the Valencia Hospitality Business Federation (FEHV). An award that recognizes the quality and usefulness of this restaurant software.

User reviews validate that award received. It is easy to use and very accurate. It has two work panels: the main screen and the management panel. The features are identified by icons that are presented on the screens and that make it easy to locate each function.

Its tools allow you to design different menus and organize them according to ingredients or preferences. It records orders and sends them directly to the kitchen. In addition, it facilitates the creation of promotions, discounts and offers. Organize schedules with differential rates so that the restaurant offers optimal performance in times of low occupancy.

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Cuiner is one of the fastest and most efficient restaurant software available on the web. You have three plans in your program that can be tailored to each type of business. Cuiner Life, Cuiner Pro and Cuiner Central are designed to manage everything from small venues to large chain restaurants.

This system is very easy to use and very flexible, so it adapts to all kinds of catering businesses. No special preparation is needed to use it. It offers the advantage of mobility, because in addition to its web version, it presents applications for Smartphone and tablets with Android and iOS systems.

Its quick interface allows invoices to be issued in seconds. You can even display detailed reports with price, budget, and vendor statistics. With this program you will be able to design the menu and manage the distribution of the tables in a simple and practical way.

Sighore POS

This is advanced restaurant software. It is characterized by providing excellent response speed to its customers, who always find the support and support they need.

Sighore has a very friendly graphical environment. It is intuitive and easy to use. The user easily learns to operate on it, it is fully configurable, with different access permissions depending on the employee.

The software has all the necessary functionalities for management, distributed in different modules that each business will incorporate if necessary. It deals with billing, stock control, integrates the kitchen service and serves the loyalty of customers through the creation of promotions and discounts.

In addition, it has presence control tools in accordance with current legislation.

XD Software

XD Rest is a restaurant software that we have included in our list for its efficiency and ease of use. It has been designed for the management of restaurants, cafes, bars, pizzerias, pastry shops, confectioneries. It has the basic functions that such a program can have: booking control, sending orders to kitchen and automated billing.

Through the software you design the room, define quick menus, takeaway, promotions and menu of the day. And because control is an important part of the task, it makes it easier to control the box. Everything you need is provided in XD Rest.

It has an app called Airmenu, designed so that frequent customers can request specific orders even before being served by a waiter.

Sysme Software

Sysme is a very complete and easy-to-use restaurant software. It maintains strict control over sales and stock of the business, two key aspects for balance and profitability.

One of its outstanding features is its speed in the execution of sales processes from the taking of orders or home orders. Send directly to the kitchen only the part of the order that is for that area. It leaves behind drinks and other details, and so orders are clearer and more specific to staff and errors are reduced.

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Sysme allows you to work with multiple rooms, creating a virtual representation of your premises. In this module you will be able to configure the table map.


Ofibarman is a restaurant software so flexible that it adapts to the needs of any hospitality business. It is very easy to use. From its central screen you can make tickets, send orders to the kitchen, manage reservations, all without moving from the device you are using.

A practical and very useful functionality is warehouse control. With Ofibarman you can manage purchases, payments and also, you will be able to view the status of the stock.

Order management and billing are very practical. The waiters take the orders in the application and they go directly to the kitchen, then the software issues the invoices and posts them

And for times when decisions need to be made, the system manages sales reports, purchases, hourly table occupancy, waiter sales, etc.


Glop is made up of a powerful toolkit that will help improve service in the restaurant. One advantage of this restaurant software is its modular design. You can assemble it however you want and expand it by adding modules at any time you want.

The system organizes tables, room divisions and even rates according to differential sectors. It includes mechanisms for taking and managing orders that speed up customer service.

Glop also manages menus and their formats: sizes, full portions, half portions, tapas. Allows you to create menus per week, by day and even by schedule. And, of course, it deals with billing.

You’ll have control of your business in your hands, with situation reports that will mark key points for improvement.


Hippos takes care of everything from routine cooking service to warehouse control and, especially, sales. A special command tool, which includes allergen warning in menus. An innovation in times of special diets. It facilitates employeework, reduces errors and therefore contributes to customer satisfaction.

Thanks to web access, this restaurant software gives you full control of the business from anywhere in real time. You will have information about the status of your warehouse, missing materials and products and the suppliers to which they need to be ordered.

Hippos issues graphs and reports with purchase summaries and stock usages. Thanks to warehouse control, the system contributes to the reduction of raw material losses. Coupled with the analysis of sales and expense processes, this software maximizes profits and profitability.

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