software that every company should use

Today there are many different types of software, some less known, that you should have yes or yes. We explain what they are and help you choose between the different options on the market. We have divided them into 7 main types:

Programs to manage teams:


is a task organizer that allows you to coordinate projects in real time, improving team coordination and communication. Tasks are created, assigned to their managers and a deadline is established.


This tool is a very simple task organization to use and, in addition, it is free. You categorize the tasks according to their status (in process, finished …) and at a glance allows you to see the evolution of the work.


it is a collaborative tool for teams with which to organize projects in a simple and effective way. It favors communication, sending documents, planning, assigning tasks …


improve teamwork through workflow and communication management. It helps to manage calendars and plans visually and intuitively. It has a very complete dashboard although it maintains a minimalist design.

Active Collab

This is another interesting option that incorporates task lists, a timer to calculate the time spent on each of them and allows you to attach and send documents to other team members.


it is a complete task manager where you can coordinate the work of several people, measure it and observe the results thanks to the reports it offers.

Marketing automation and CRM programs


is a famous tool for sending email campaigns. They can store and create your contact database and send emails easily. This allows you to keep in touch with your clients.


it is a marketing automation tool with which to segment your target audience, create conversion campaigns, score potential customers (scoring), automate certain processes … Infusionsoft: This is an automated sales and marketing software that combines the management of email, your ecommerce or your social networks. It allows you to create campaigns and accelerate results.

Active Campaign

it is another integrated marketing platform that incorporates its own CRM, process automation, sending emails … It is scalable and integrates with major platforms.

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includes a series of very different applications from one another: from CRM, email creation, project management, etc. Thus, up to 40 different options to manage different areas of a company.

Programs for internal communication and data transmission


In order to reduce the volume of sending emails, many companies use alternative applications. One of them is Slack, which works as a chat to which different applications can connect and make it more complete.

Gmail chat

those companies that use a Gmail email account have the possibility to use the chat that the platform itself incorporates. It is useful and quick to talk to those people we already have on the agenda.


It is a very useful document delivery system when they are too heavy to send in an email. There is the free option, which supports up to 2Gb, and the paid option that has greater capacity.


This tool stores documents in the cloud and shares them so that the whole team has access to them. With this system, you will save your own server and have automatic backup copies.

Design and photography programs :


nowadays you don’t need a designer to create attractive images for your business. Canva is a very intuitive tool in which you will find customizable templates to create creatives for social networks, brochures, posters …


Sketch groups different design tools to design images easily, even if you don’t have specific knowledge. It is a simpler version of Photoshop.

Software to store and share information :

Google Drive

Many companies have their own servers, but others prefer to use cloud technology for security and cost savings. Google Drive allows you to store, share and edit documents online in a comfortable and simple way. There is a free version and a paid version.


As we said above, Dropbox is another cloud storage system designed for companies that prefer to do without traditional physical servers. You can store large volumes of information and share it with your entire team comfortably.

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Survey software :

Google Form

If you want to measure, for example, the satisfaction of your customers, you can use Google Form to create surveys, personalize the design, send them by email and then analyze the results.


it is a very useful tool for scheduling, closing meetings or appointments. Users vote on the dates that are most convenient for them and, at a glance, you can see the availability of the different members.


Another very popular tool to create surveys directly from the platform and quickly send them to the public of interest. It is similar to Google Form.


You can also use Typeform to create engaging and interactive quizzes. You can collect data and then analyze the results obtained.


In this case, Officevibe has been created to measure the well-being of the company. Employees receive surveys regularly and the manager can see the results.

Accounting and billing

software anfix

keeping your company accounts can be very easy thanks to new technologies. anfix is ​​a financial management tool that uses cloud technology so you can create invoices in a few seconds, upload your expense tickets with a photo, manage accounting automatically … saving a lot of time and money.

As you can see, there are many technological options that can be very interesting for your company. Many also have free plans which is interesting to test them and see if you and your team adapt to them. Bet on technology and improve your processes.

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